Vulcanizacion Rotonda Paneles App with WorkMerch­čô▒

Exciting news! WorkMech, your go-to solution for mechanical workshop management, has another client with differents things.

Full Stack
Automate the management of your mechanical workshop with WorkMech.

Your Workshop, Your Control

With our new webpage, WorkMech becomes even more user-friendly. Now you can:

  • Access Anytime: Manage your workshop operations on-the-go.

  • Easy Navigation: Effortlessly explore the features and benefits.

  • Quick Updates: Stay informed about the latest developments and upgrades.

Key Features

  • Work Orders: Create, manage, and track work orders in an organized manner.

  • Clients: Keep a record of your clients, their data, and preferences.

  • Vehicle Fleet: Administer the vehicle fleet, including maintenance and repairs.

Technologies Used

  • Flutter: Cross-platform mobile application development framework.

  • Dart: Programming language used by Flutter.

  • Firebase: Mobile and web application development platform.

  • Material Design: Design guide used for the user interface.

  • Google Fonts: Library for easy integration of custom fonts.

Created By:

  • Saul Mu├▒oz Pedreros