WorkMech App, Now Online!

Exciting news! WorkMech, your go-to solution for mechanical workshop management, is now accessible through its dedicated webpage. Discover the convenience of managing your workshop from anywhere with just a click.

Full Stack
Automate the management of your mechanical workshop with WorkMech.

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Your Workshop, Your Control

With our new webpage, WorkMech becomes even more user-friendly. Now you can:

  • Access Anytime: Manage your workshop operations on-the-go.

  • Easy Navigation: Effortlessly explore the features and benefits.

  • Quick Updates: Stay informed about the latest developments and upgrades.

Ready to experience the simplicity of WorkMech online? Visit our Web now and take control of your workshop management!

Key Features

  • Work Orders: Create, manage, and track work orders in an organized manner.

  • Quotes: Generate quotes quickly and accurately.

  • Technical Reports: Create detailed reports on the status and progress of work.

  • Spare Parts Orders: Manage orders for spare parts required for each job.

  • Clients: Keep a record of your clients, their data, and preferences.

  • Vehicle Fleet: Administer the vehicle fleet, including maintenance and repairs.

Technologies Used

  • Flutter: Cross-platform mobile application development framework.

  • Dart: Programming language used by Flutter.

  • Firebase: Mobile and web application development platform.

  • Material Design: Design guide used for the user interface.

  • Google Fonts: Library for easy integration of custom fonts.