Inventory Control System

Automate inventory control to streamline inventory management, save time, and reduce errors with Google Apps Script. Detailed life cycle.

Full Stack
Google Apps Script
Improve your inventory management with this system.

If you have a business that handles products, you know how important it is to keep efficient inventory control. It not only lets you know how many products you have, but also which ones are the most used and which ones need to be reordered. However, doing it manually can be tedious and time consuming, as well as error prone. That is why an inventory control system was created that automates the entire process and allows you to have a clear vision of the performance of your business.

With this system, you can see the availability of your products in real time, calculate the weighted average price and know the critical levels for each one. Also, you can group the products by category and calculate their total value. All of this is done through Google Apps Script, ensuring seamless integration with other tools like Google Sheets.

But that’s not all: the system also allows you to keep a detailed record of the life cycle of each product. From its entry into the inventory until its sale or disposal, you will be able to know its current status, important dates (such as expirations or renewals) and any other relevant information. This allows you to have a detailed history of each product, which will help you make informed decisions and optimize your inventory management.

In short, the system created is a complete tool to optimize your inventory management. With it you can save valuable time, reduce errors and make informed decisions to grow your business. Do not wait any longer to try it. With this tool, you will be able to take the efficiency of your business to the next level.

Created By:

  • Saul Muñoz Pedreros